Facial treatments with Environ and the nurturing make-up of Jane Iredale

It is an honor working on the largest organ of the body, being the skin.

When using oily creams your skin can become lazy. You are softening the top layer of the skin but inside your cells sleep. The skins own ingredients of the scientifically proven products of Environ will stimulate your skin condition so that your new cells are healthier and stronger than the last. It’s like a workout for your skin. Nobody starts with running marathons but rather with ‘start to run’. You therefore start with low concentrations and then accumulate.

The unique vitamin A step-system of Environ lets your skin adapt to the high quantities of vitamin A enriched with antioxidants and peptides which are needed to increase your daily shortage and to nourish your skin. Thus your skin remains healthy, strong and flexible.Regardless of your age vitamin A is essential for healthy skin. Unfortunately, vitamin A is often degraded by light and other environmental factors and deficiencies often occur. This can however be supplemented with vitamins and nutrients from the Advanced Nutrition Program (ANP) to support your skin from within and strengthen the functioning of the Environ products. Vitamin A is essential for the developing and maintaining of healthy skin. Along with other vitamins it shapes the essence of Environ, a synergy in its purest form! The mineral make-up of Jane Iredale is the healthiest make-up that can be worn by beautiful skin.With pleasure I regularly take courses to stay informed about the latest developments within this science.

Laser Hair Removal

Before purchasing my first laser, I have always had a great interest in the development of the equipment for hair reduction. From the moment Lumenis introduced the Diode Laser, which had obtained all approvals from the highly critical US FDA inspection, I decided to buy the LightSheer for my beauty salon. Amadea became a pioneer.Now, many years and satisfied customers later, it is time for the next generation and I proudly present the LightSheer Duet.The name says it all, on top of the known Chill-tip technology, the Duet is enriched with a Vacuum-Assist Tip which creates a vacuum  makes the treatment more effective, more safe and more comfortable.

The only Diode laser which meets the description provided so I can keep my promise for years of permanent hair reduction.Moreover, the vacuum-assist can, in one pulse, remove more than 9 x the size of the Chill tip.

Permanent make-up

Over 25 years ago I started my adventure in the field of permanent makeup. First I took courses in Belgium and the Netherlands to then complete my education in Germany (Munich) at the institute “Long Time Liner”. This institute belongs to the absolute top in Europe and developed a unique device that is generally considered the “Rolls Royce” among the PMU devices.Because of the combination of valuable trainings I can offer a unique approach of method.Through years of experience working with the same brand (from Hawaii) of high-quality pigments (FDA certificate), I know exactly how colors fade over the years. As a color consultant I can familiarize you with an extensive color palette. To make the treatment as comfortable as possible, I chose to work with a sworn doctor.