What is PMU

Permanent make-up (PMU) is a revolutionary method of using high quality pigments which are placed in the upper layer of the dermis.

Permanent makeup stays for several years and offers the possibility looking fresh naturally, day in day out. This does not only save you time, it increases your confidence and you will experience more personal freedom.

For people with allergies, sensitive eyes or contact lenses PMU is a great solution. Permanent make-up done right, results in an overall refinement of eyes, eyebrows and lips without making any alterations to the anatomy of the individual.


To begin with, form and color are determined in the consultation. Hereinafter, the selected shape is drawn with a pencil. Only then is the definitive PMU (with color pigment) applied.

After one week the final result is visible. You now have perfect (base) makeup.Due to my unique method (in collaboration with a physician) it is rarely necessary to work in multiple sessions.

The applied color fades by natural uptake and renewal of the skin. If you want to maintain your PMU, you can freshen the color after 2 to 5 years. This allows the color of your PMU to stay nice and fresh.

Target prices

Eyeliner €220
Eyes (under) €170
Eyes (under and upper) €340
Eyebrows €200-€250
Lips (always shaded in) €345

Note: For all PMUs which are done by Amadea, a 10% discount is given if a next treatment is done within the next 5 years.