About the Duet

LightSheer ET

9 x 9 mm surface ♦ Fluence up until 100 J/cm2 ♦ ChillTip™ constant cooling ♦ Pulses possible up until 400 ms

LightSheer HS

22 x 35 mm surface ♦ Largest possible surface-diode ♦ Integrated vacuum-assist technology ♦ Pulse possible up to 400 ms ♦ No cooling or anesthetics required

If we want to understand how the Lumenis LightSheer system works, it is important to understand how hair grows and how the laser can remove the hair. Different types of cycles in the hair follicles result in different types of hair. Some examples are: Eyelashes, chest hair, pubic hair, axillary hair, etc.

Short-term hair cycles result in short permanent hair (e.g. Eyebrows, eyelashes), longer-term cycles produce longer hair. (E.g. back hair). Hair follicles develop under the skin. However, they do not grow simultaneously.

We can distinguish three stages of growth:

  1. The active growth phase (anagen phase)
  2. The transitional phase (catagen phase)
  3. The resting phase (telogen phase).

The duration of each phase depends on several factors. Many clinical studies have shown that an 800 nm wavelength gives the best results for permanent hair reduction in 90% of all skin types (I-VI) by means of high melanin absorption around the treated hair follicles.

The energy of the laser pulse is introduced via the body’s own pigment (melanin) to the core of the hair roots in order to be converted into heat.

This allows the hair follicles to become damaged and no new hair cycle can arise. The surrounding skin is and remains unaffected by this hair removal process.

Only the hairs in the anagen phase can be treated by means of laser light, because only the hair follicles of the hair in this phase contain pigment (melanin).This means that multiple treatments at intervals of ± 4 to 8 weeks are necessary.During the pauses, you will notice that the treated hairs will spontaneously start falling out.

For who?

All women and men who want to be freed of unwanted hair can be treated.People with light skin and dark hairs are the most effective to be treated. During a consultation your personalized treatment is discussed.


Upper lip €55
Chin €70
Face €160
Under arms €100
Bikini 1/2 €120
Bikini 3/4 €140
Bikini full €160
Lower legs €230
Upper legs 1/2 €110
Upper legs €230
Arms €165
Back €250-500

Note: For all permanent hair reductions started with Amadea a 50% discount is given from the 5th treatment onwards.