History of Environ 

Dr. Des Fernandes was a pioneer in the 80s because of the use of vitamin A in high enough doses to visibly improve the quality of the skin. With this he put Environ at the top of skin care!

He became very interested in the skin and the physiology of skin cancer after the death of two young patients with melanoma. As a plastic surgeon he did extensive research and he found that vitamin A was important in maintaining a beautiful, healthy skin, which made him determined to develop a range of skin care products.

Environs’ mission is to use science and advanced technologies to create skincare products suitable for both men and women, regardless of age and suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

Ionzyme® DFII

The combination of scientifically advanced skin care products with the revolutionary Ionzyme® DFII device lead to lasting results. Environ offers a program of peeling and vitamin treatments to bring your skin back in top condition. If immediate results are desired you may opt for a course of short but intensive treatments that focus on a specific skin condition.

Cool peeling system

The Environ “Cool Peeling System” is an effective series of “mild” peelings that can be applied weekly or even daily. This system which contains acids in low concentration is safe and effective. It brings the skin to its optimal health and promotes the absorption of the Environ products. These peels are ideal for the treatment of scars, rough skin texture, skin aging, sun-damaged skin, dehydrated skin and pimples.


The Foreo is the most powerful and effective cleansing appliance ever and is suitable for all skin types. The two motors in the device provide 8000 pulses per minute and thus remove 99.5% of the impurities on your skin! The Foreo is part of any facial.


Roll is a painless technique where a hand held rolling instrument, embedded in very fine needles, is rolled over your face. The needles pierce the top layer of your skin and create microscopic holes that close afterwards. This allows the ingredients of your products to be better absorbed by the skin making you achieve very good results in a short time, both at home and in the institute!

Environ has two rollers in its range: the Cosmetic Roll-CIT has 126 needles of 0.1mm and the Gold Roll-CIT has 260 needles of 0.2mm.

Through the micro perforations, the precious ingredients that are in your products can be absorbed better by your skin as much as 3000%.

Target prices

Facial Care from € 62 (starting treatment). Starting Treatment includes a complete care with personal advice for the further development of the facial treatments.

Possibility of facial-waxing and dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows.